Chichen Itza

Valladolid is located 40 minutes from Chichen Itza, 44.6 km away, a magical place full of history, it is part of the wonders of the world, and you must know it when you arrive in Yucatan. The Mayan culture will surprise you.


Merida Airport and Cancun

We are 180 km away from the Mérida airport, with a 2-hour drive by road and 161 km to the Cancun airport, 1 hour and 55 minutes by road. Around Valladolid.


Izamal and Uayma

Near Valladolid are Izamal and Uayma, the essence of the cultural legacy of the Yucatecan people. Izamal is located 110.4 km from Valladolid 1 hour 31 minutes by car you will find the yellow city full of culture and history.

The town of Uayma is located 13.8 km 21 minutes from Valladolid, it has one of the most beautiful churches in Yucatan, a true architectural beauty.


Lizard River (Rio Lagartos)

106 km from Valladolid, approximately. It is located on the north coast of the Yucatan peninsula. It has various activities such as the passage in boats and others such as the salt industry and the fishing industry, being one of the most important.