About us

Hotel le muuch, the house of your soul.

For the Mayans, frogs are beings that are related to rain, life and bring joy through their song, which connects them with the world of the gods. At Le Muuch we honour this ancient heritage, adopting the same philosophy of service, happiness towards hospitality and connection with nature.

The hotel is designed with a deep love for Mexico and its traditions, each of our 21 rooms celebrates the cultural diversity of our country. Our murals, corridors, balconies, and terraces are small tributes to the magical hands of Mexican artisans who create unique environments with their pieces, extolling the colonial beauty of its architecture.

Inside the hotel you can relax with a beautiful sunset on the Mariposa (Butterfly) terrace surrounded by palm trees and flowers inspiring relaxation and rest. At nightfall, enjoy the Colibrí terrace and its views of the cathedral, connecting with the magic of Valladolid. If you prefer a more reserved and romantic atmosphere, enjoy the Corazón del Cielo (Sky heart) terrace, which has an outdoor tub and a small terrace, with the sky and the stars of Valladolid as witnesses.

Indulge your senses and enjoy our 2 swimming pools. Waking up from a dream, outdoor pool surrounded by tropical gardens and next to the restaurant. La rana (the frog), covered pool in a serene environment, with hydromassage.