At the heart of the hotel is the fire of our passion. K’uxub Restaurant, inspired by Mexico, its ingredients, flavours, traditions, and colours. For us contemporary art, signature cuisine. We seek to express experiences and feelings through our dishes, recipes that have passed from generation to generation and that find a new setting at each table.

We combine traditional dishes with organic ingredients from our garden and a pinch of innovation, thus celebrating the enormous gastronomic heritage of Mexico by drawing inspiration from iconic dishes of our gastronomy.


For the Mayan culture the colour red represented the sun and fire. The achiote (K’uxub) is considered a “Magic Plant”, traditional in Yucatecan cuisine to give colour and seasoning to the most typical dishes such as cochinita pibil. The meaning of achiote is “bright seed” that symbolizes power and identity.



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  • +52 985 130 5045
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Calle 42 x 35 y 33 Col. Candelaria, Valladolid, Yucatán. In the facilities of Le Muuch Hotel.

Our orchard

Sanfer Huerto is located on the outskirts of Valladolid, about 15 minutes from Restaurant K’uxub, where you can find a variety of fruits and vegetables that are the protagonists of the dishes we offer. We are proud of our roots that is why we sow with the customs of our ancestors, the balché is one of our techniques for planting coriander, mint, mint, chives and epazote. We love dawn surrounded by the aroma of flowers and the song of birds. The bees visit us thanks to the lipia, roses, May flower, wild orchids, and other flowers that we have in the garden.