(The Frog in Maya Language)

An adults only hotel, inspired by the magical towns of México and Mayan culture, our hotel works with a philosophy of happiness towards hospitality.For the Mayans, frogs are a symbol of happiness, beings that are related to the rain and carry joy through their croaking.  Their song for them comes from the heart, which connects them with the world of the gods.

The frogs will continue to convey happiness, through the hospitality that characterizes the Mayan people, hence our philosophy.

Located in the historic center of Valladolid, Yucatán, two blocks from the Cathedral of San Servacio, the main park “Francisco Cantón Rosado”, the municipal palace, cenotes, main cafes, museums and restaurants.

This Magic Town is surrounded by archeological zones, such as Chichen Itza “Wonder of the World”, Ek Balam, unique nature reserves such as “Río Lagartos”, “Las Coloradas”, and cenotes of crystalline waters.

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